The Importance of the Battle of Britain In World War Two Essay

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The Importance of the Battle of Britain In World War Two

In this essay I will explain why I think The Battle of Britain was the most important turning point in World War Two. I think this because although there was many turning points that were important to the direction the war took, The Battle of Britain showed for the first time that Hitler and the Nazis could be defeated and if Germany had won the battle, Britain and possibly the world would be a completely different place than we know it today.

Hitler before the Battle of Britain in August 1940 had conquered most of Central Europe including France, Poland, Holland and Belgium. One of his reasons for doing this was one of his policies called
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During this attack one German bomber was returning from a sortie when it dropped the rest of its bombs over what the pilot thought was the English Channel so he would save fuel. Unfortunately, it proved not to be the Channel but a built-up area of London, consequently destroying houses and killing some civilians. Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister at the time reacted furiously and ordered the bombing of Berlin and other major German cities. As Hitler had stated to the German people, 'a bomb would never be dropped on Berlin,' he was extremely angry and like Churchill, ordered the Luftwaffe (the German Air Force) to attack British cities. This was known as the Blitz. We can now see that Hitler made a bad decision because it gave the British air force time to re-arm, re-build and re-group as they were virtually on their knees.

During the time when German bombers were attacking British cities, the RAF was training young pilots to fly the Hurricane and Spitfire. Britain are said to have won the Battle of Britain but many question whether Germany wanted to invade Britain in the first place and put every effort into the attack. During the Battle, German messerschmitts fought with British Hurricanes and Spitfires. German aircraft had to fly along way and had a limited time they could fight for when the reached England. The allied aircraft
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