The Importance of the Civil Rights Leaders Essay

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Most people do not realize the sacrifices and risk that civil right leaders had to make. Civil right leaders constantly risk their lives and their freedom. Civil right leaders fought for equality and freedom for African Americans. Over 70% of African Americans were experiencing segregation and discrimination during the civil right movement. African Americans only had one another for support, so during this time African Americans appreciated civil right leaders. During the civil rights movement, many leaders helped African Americans cope with changes that they were experiencing. Some African Americans looked up to civil rights leaders, because they were African American, so they knew how it felt to be mistreated by whites. African American leaders wanted a change to come. In other words, most of the civil right leaders were African Americans who wanted to stop segregation and have equal rights. Therefore, African Americans listened to civil right leaders, because their courage and knowledge helped African Americans during the civil right movement.
Martin Luther King Jr. made African Americans aware that changes needed to be made when it came to segregation laws. Segregation was a way for white society to separate themselves from African Americans. Segregation dehumanized African Americans, because they were always treated like outcast. According to David Howard-Pitney, author of “Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1950s and 1960s”, King…