The Importance of the Economic Factors in the Rise to Power of the Fascist Party in Italy

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The Importance of the Economic Factors in the Rise to Power of the Fascist Party in Italy

Fascism came on the heels of a war that economically and physically crippled Italy. In an attempt to regain control, Italian general and dictator, Benito Mussolini created a political party that rivalled the Socialist party. Fascism was an extremely harsh dictatorship type of power that left many people a victim of its cruelty. This essay will explore whether the rise of fascism was due to the economic breakdown in the country at that time, or was that fascism was simply so popular at that time that nothing would have stopped it? Was it the threat of bolshevism driving people towards fascism in an attempt to be
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The problem of unemployment was aggravated by the return of millions of ex-soldiers to Italy and a new immigration law of the U.S. government, which restricted entry of immigrants. Moreover, runaway inflation added to the sufferings of the Italians. The lira had only one-fifth of its pre-war value. Encouraged by the success of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, the unemployed workers and peasants stirred up riots and strikes throughout the country. At that time the government was incompetent. It failed to take control of the conditions in the country. Gradually the nationalists grouped together to emerge as the fascist party. According to Ketelby, author of the book 'History of modern time Europe,'

" It was the urgent need of a strong unifying force that formed the background for the rise of fascism in Italy."

These political crises may have pushed the leaders of Italy into supporting fascism. The people were restless they wished for an effective government. Many were turning to socialism, others to fascism. The King and aristocracy may not have supported fascism but seen it as the lesser evil compared to the 'red menace.' Economic factors such as the high unemployment figures and the inflation pushed the people away from the weak government and
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