The Importance of the Main Ingredients of the Montessori Method : the Directress and the Prepared Environment

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The importance of the main ingredients of the Montessori method : the directress and the prepared environment

Motto:’’ The teacher as an adult should try to interpret the child's needs and meet them as best as he can by preparing a really suitable environment. This may be the beginning of a new epoch in education, which will consider how it can assist the life of the child.’’ (Montessori, M., The Secret of Childhood, Part1, Chapter IV: Where adults impede the question of sleep, 1963, p.79).
The child in the Montessori school needs the best conditions for his development and for achieving this, he needs a link between him and the knowledge to come: this link could be represented by the directress who connects the child to the surrounding
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For example, I’ve noticed that at the Montessori school where I did my work experience the children interacted repeatedly with the environment by using the Montessori materials: Dressing frames or Pink Tower and this interaction lasted longer than the directress-child one, because once the child has been introduced to the Montessori materials he will learn as his nature dictates and he will know how to do the Montessori activities without being in need of the directress.
The prepared environment has three components: one physical that is represented by the child-sized furniture and the Montessori materials, another intellectual created with the help of the directress who designs the perfect climate for the child to work and develop himself and another one-spiritual offering the child patterns of spiritual behaviour through the genuine example given by the directress.( I’ve noticed at the Montessori school, in the pre-school classroom that every time the directress was praying before the snack time, the children took her example and did the same).
The directress is the one who plans the way in which the environment has to be prepared for the children, according to the child’s each activity and to the materials required for each exercise; the things regarding the planning of the environment have to move from the directress to the child: e.g. I’ve seen at the Montessori School where I did my work experience that the directress provided good quality and easy
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