The Importance of the Micromanager

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The Micromanager In business management, micromanagement is a management style where a manager closely observes or controls the work of subordinates or employees. Micromanagement generally has a negative effect. In today’s business you will see many micromanagers hovering over employees in order to monitor efficiency, or to keep things on track, especially if an employee has made an error in the past. However, most of micromanagers do so out of a need for control that often has more to do with them than the performance of their employees, perhaps their own feeling of job insecurity or fear of failure. In many cases of micromanagement, managers select and implement processes and procedures not for business reasons but rather to enable themselves to feel useful and valuable and create the appearance of being so. Other cases they just don’t know any better, or just didn’t go to proper training. According to the “2003 Survey by office product FranklinCovey”, found that employees singled out micromanagement as the most significant barrier to productivity. Also according and confirmed by a “2011 study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology” that showed people who believed they are being watched perform at a lower level. In the business world is very important for business to have employees that have creativity and productivity to help the business grow but with micromanagement under control is hard for employees to show their skill level because they feel under
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