The Importance of the Mississippi River

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The role of the Mississippi River in Huck Finn In Huck Finn, what leads the whole story flow and reveal the whole adventure? It is of course the Mississippi River. In real life, river is always the kind of symbol that represents life, changes, growth, and hope, as they are constantly moving. There are always a lot of stories happened on the river. Water is in it and we cannot survive without it. River always plays an important role of human society, so does the Mississippi River in Huck Finn. The Mississippi River is a river which formed the nation. It flows right through the heart of America, brings the wealth to the country. In Huck Finn, it is the pathway to freedom, a safe home, but also leads them to adventure a lot of dangers that…show more content…
So he started to try his best to help Jane, and try to stop the bad things and cheat the two frauds want to do to the people. All because after experiencing the up and down in the life, Huck becomes mature, at least a boy who thinks and cares others, not just a little boy any more. As he moves down the river, we see his growth in stages and much of it is due to his experiences on the water, which

ultimately becomes his moving home.
Not only did Twain use the Mississippi River as a symbol of freedom, but also uses it to shows the friendships between them. When Jim is sold back to slavery, Huck is so worried and sad about Jim, and tries his best in order to save his friend from slavery. He said to himself worriedly:
“I went right along, not fixing up any particular plan, but just trusting to Providence to put the right words in my mouth when the time come, for I’d noticed that Providence always did put the right words in my mouth, if I left it alone” (199).
Huck means he didn't have a plan to rescue Jim, but he would think of one when he had to. This shows me his loyalty to Jim. At the beginning of their journey, Huck and Jim are just two runaways who decided to go together as partners. As the story progresses, and all the adventure they went through, Huck and Jim both treat each other as their real friends. The Mississippi river provided this chance to
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