The Importance of the Origin of Our Food

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Today's average supermarket has become a place of optimal convenience for the average consumer. These stores have changed more in the past 50 years than they ever have before and most have become a one stop shop for people. You can find anything from clothes, tools, toys, medicine, hygiene products, cooking equipment and so on and so forth. Supermarkets such as the multi-hundred-billion dollar Walmart carry just about everything that most people would need to carry out their daily lives. Perhaps the most important products carried by supermarkets are the food items. That being said, most consumers can find close to any food product that they desire in today's supermarket. Whether that be grains, vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, and or fats & sweets, the supermarket has it. We now live in a day and age where you only have to go to one place to meet the requirements of each area of the food triangle. How convenient is that? While our food system may appear to be ideal by meeting the every need of the average consumer, one should take a closer look and ask themselves a few questions. The questions that should be considered include; "How fresh is it? How pure or clean is it, how free of dangerous chemicals? How far was it transported, and what did transportation add to the cost? How much did manufacturing or packaging or advertising add to the cost? When the food product has been manufactured or "processed" or "precooked," how has that affected its quality or price or
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