The Importance of the Passover Meal in The Gospel of Luke

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One social standard the community emphasized was the importance of the communal celebratory meal. In the Lukan community, these meals were used to display power, provide benefaction, and were also part of worship. Keeping with the emphasis of meals, Luke used the tradition of the Passover Meal to illustrate the Last Supper Narrative and its’ shift in meaning with regard to the new covenant to the first century Christian community. It should be no surprise that although the Lukan Jesus followed traditions of the community, he also instituted changes paving the way for new traditions and rites for first century Christians. Due to the power and importance of communal meals, the Lukan Jesus was able to leverage the meal as a way to establish the sacramental rite of communion in the first century Christian Church. (Maybe say something in thesis about new covenant sacramental, but all being invited, ie. Women’s role at the meal) The social setting of the community in the Gospel of Luke appeared to be different from the other synoptic gospels. The book gave details of community building locations and styles. Due to architectural descriptions and other terminology used in the narrative, the context of Luke’s writing appears to be more in line with that of a Hellenistic city, than the culture directly ruled by a Roman government. The community however, was ruled…

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