The Importance of the Settings in Novels

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“It’s pretty, isn't it, old sport?”(Fitzgerald 53), hollow words that describe an era precisely. The Great Gatsby is a wonderfully depressing novel about a man who literally made a name for himself and died in search of the American Dream. It was set in the Roaring Twenties, also known as the Jazz Age, a time about dynamic subcultures all around the world, and their grand art, social lives and music. This book is set by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the North East of the United States, New York, and Long Island known as West and East Egg. Setting is very crucial element in any novel. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the setting of The Great Gatsby in a very graceful manner. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald utilizes setting such as “The Valley of Ashes,”…show more content…
The East Egg represented the East Eggers or “the aristocrats” (Fitzgerald 8) with, “Old Money.” Whom were already established in wealth through family. The Physical setting of the East Eggers homes is quote “not as fashionable” (Fitzgerald 7) and of possessing “wide lawns and friendly trees” (Fitzgerald 7). While the West Egg represented the West Eggers or the people with the “Young money”. Jay Gatsby is the perfect expression of the setting West Egg, rising above the classes all on his own and is filthy rich and boisterous. Fitzgerald uses this setting and the setting of West Egg to show a new generation of wealthy, a type of wealthy that feel obligated to live lavish lives in order to belong. This setting of the Eggs were also used to symbolize Gatsby’s not quite completion of the American Dream. See although he has the money to live in the East Egg, Fitzgerald still leaves him in West Egg. Suggesting that his dream still has not yet come to fruition, and because of this he is now separated from his love, by not only distance but in stature and class. This continues to feed his lust to advance towards the next class and complete “His dream”. Fitzgerald expresses this not only through the citizens of West Egg but with Gatsby’s Mansion itself. A large estate in which he lives alone and fills with meaningless objects. The place of parties with uninvited guest, Jay Gatsby’s mansion was also a significant setting as
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