The Importance of the Telephone for Communicating

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INTRODUCTION All people have their own telephone or mobile, because this is one of the medium in communicating to the other people and also making some business transaction. Telephone is no doubt one of the important devices of communicating messages in a relatively short period, messages can be sent through letters and telegrams as well, but a telephone message is the fastest to receive. Over the telephone one even hears the voice of the person who sends us the message and this makes the message more personal. It is very useful and convenient to use especially in the public places. Telephone is one of the medium to ease our loneliness and to feel the comfort of your love ones even they are far. There's a lot of telephone booth installed anywhere, in the railroad, shops, post office, you just need to put a coin and make a call. These public phones are a boon, but private phones can become a nuisance at times. The telephone can ring at any time of the day. It can ring when we are in the bathroom, or when we are fast asleep or when we are very comfortable in our chair reading a book. But one more because now a day's there's a lot of medium that can we use in communication. Internet, Chatting, Cell phones and private telephone. This private telephone are telephones in the house and office but sometimes it became public phone and this is another way by which it becomes a nuisance. The appeals of our neighbors to allow them to use our phone make it a public property. In short
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