The Importance of the United Nations Security Council Essay

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What is the importance of the UN Security Council?

“The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has primary responsibility, under the Charter, for the maintenance of international peace and security” (UNSecurity Council 2010).
The end of the 1980s and the 1990s has been marked by major changes in international relations, both as practice and as an academic discipline. The collapse of the multi-polar system in the world politics, fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War and the beginning of some state level wars transformed the international peace affairs with the Security Council in the international cooperation to resolve conflicts. The debates on the United Nations Security Council become particularly vigorous after the cold
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Based on the above functions and powers of the Security Council, it is well known that the Charter provisions to act effectively is quarantee, but many scholars of war, international relations, human rights argue for the need for a reform. Hannay (2009) examined the UNSC effectiveness and ineffectiveness in terms of its functions and powers within the decade of 1989 to 1999 and 1999 to 2009 respectively, and explains that the Security Council was known for its successsful actions. Particularly, towards the Iraq annulment of mass killings and materials destruction, estimation and conpensation for damaged materials in Kuwait. In addition, subsequent actions taken towards the hand over of Iraq massive programme on the production
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