The Important Aspects Of Persuading A Foreign Company

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Netherlands ( Dutch ) is the main constuient country of Kingdom of Netherlands . It is small but densely populated country in Western Europe. Dutch is the official language in Netherlands but English , German and to some extent French is also spoken in Netherlands. It is one of the most secular countries in Western Europe . It has a developed economy and plays a very important role in the European economy.
The common factors that influence the business are economic, social, legal and political Environments but often culture is ignored during acquisitions and mergers .The truth is that culture is perverse and everyday business is affected by culture (Weber and Camerer, 2003). History tells us culture can make or break a business depending on the way it is handled. To persuade a foreign company one should adopt to their culture and keep aside their own cultural preferences. One of the most important aspects of persuading a foreign company is try to respect and accept the other culture business etiquette’s and practices. In this report we will focus on some of the techniques to persuade Dutch.
According to Hofstede’s research on different cultural dimensions , Netherlands score low (38) on power distance which means they are independent , believe in equal rights , superiors are easily accessible , they do not like to be controlled and attitude towards managers is informal and on first name basis. Communication and participation is appreciated. They are an
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