The Important Character Traits For A Person

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Temperance is one of the most important character traits for a person to have. The character trait temperance involves having self-regulation and self-control. People who are temperate are generally grateful for what they have. This is because temperance is strength against excessive. It is word that can be used to describe people who do not overindulge. I consider myself to be an extremely temperate person, the reason being can be traced back to my upbringing. My family was always comfortable financially growing up. We never lived indulgently, however we never had to worry about when our next meal would be. This upbringing always kept me grounded. My role model for this trait though made sure I would never take for granted what I had. My grandmother had come over on a boat for Ireland. When she and her family came, they had next to nothing. However, they relished the chance to live in America and have a chance to live the American dream. They knew it would not come easy, but they would have to work hard. Because of these believes, my grandmother vowed never to be ungrateful for anything. One year on my birthday, I was miffed that I hadn’t received a certain present. Though I had received many great gifts, I wasn’t be appreciative due to my anger. Upset with my behavior, my grandmother decided that she would teach me a very valuable lesson. The next morning she woke me up very earlier, and said we were taking a surprise trip. We drove around, and ended up in the more shady
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