The Important Elements Of Art

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Art historians work just like real detectives, they quest for valuable information about a work of art and its history. The detective work is very vital for many reasons for example information about a work of art can help determine the value of the art as well as its meaning. One the other hand, the human eye is incredible sometimes we take for granted because it allows us to see pictures as a whole rather than in parts. And yet, images like painting and drawings can be broken down into specific elements and these elements allow us to see things in an object form. In this compare and contrast essay we will work like an art historian detective to examine four very important elements of two specific work of art. We will examine two…show more content…
Refer to page 5 of this paper to see each figures of the two artist to gain an overall understanding of this paper. Tension is essentially vital when it comes to art because it is tension that makes art look beautiful, for example tension is created in music, when a soft and gentle sound competes with a loud one. Tension has the ability to speak to both the bad and good, what is difficult and easy in life (Richard Jewell). These two artist illustrate tension in their own way. For example, Edward’s painting the peaceable Kingdome shows how gentile and soft the painting is. Not only that, it shows peace and love that is occurring between the different types of animals as well as human beings gathering together. On the other hand, Joseph’s work shows how something beautiful can look like a chose and can fall apart. Just like the angel and the horse are missing parts. This is why tension is important in art and why it is special to us because our lives are filled with opposite just like how we explain our own emotions angry and happy. This what good artist do just like Edward and Joseph they echo what we feel in our lives and help us learn to deal with these opposites feelings. These two artist help us understand why tension is important to them because it improves and speaks to us in ways that a regular language often cannot speak to us (Richard Jewell). These two
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