The Important Issues in the World Today: Race, Class, Gender, and Power

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The most important issues in the world today are race, class, gender, and power. These issues affect the lives of all people on the planet. When President Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term in office as the President of the United States, the election symbolized the ways these issues were brought to the surface. These issues were important in helping Barack Obama win the election. Most of the voters were women, and most women preferred Barack Obama. This is because Obama does not hate women, like many Republicans do. Some Republicans hate women so much, that they believe it is okay to force a woman to have a baby that she does not want. Moreover, many Republicans believe that a woman should be a good housewife. Another issue that was important in the 2012 presidential election was race. Race was an important issue because many people hated Obama only because he was not white. People who could not find a reason why they did not like Obama just said, "He is bad for America," or "He is not a good leader." What they really meant to say was, "He is black and that makes me uncomfortable. I will pretend I am not a racist though." People are in denial of their prejudices and do not understand that racism underlies the way they think about Barack Obama. The election of Barack Obama has empowered millions of African-Americans in the United States. Another issue that was raised in the 2012 presidential election was the subject of socio-economic class. Socio-economic class
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