The Important Role of Communication in an Organization

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Communicate process is the process of transferring information and meaning from a senders to a receivers in an understandable manner. Major issue is an effective communication. The business may grow slowly and the instruction cannot complete if there is no communication between all levels of the business. So, communication is important in personal life and business world, because it is essential to the successful operation of the modern business. Hence, businessman needs to understand and have good communication skill to achieve the company’s goals.
First and foremost, Kellogg’s use different types of media to promote their messages such as letter, advertising, and leaflet. Besides, Kellogg’s attempt to make an appropriate vocabulary, so that customers can understand easily and catch the customer’s attention. In order for communication to be effective, there should be encoding, message or media, decoding, receiver, response and feedback. Meanwhile, sender and receiver are part of the factors in the communication process. The role of the sender through this process is passing the information to the receiver whereas the receiver needs to interpret the message get from the sender.
All communication process begins with the sender. The sender is an individual, group, or organization who initiated the message. The first step in the communication process is called encoding. Encoding is the process involves translating an…
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