The Important Role of Mathematicians in Society Essay

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The Important Role of Mathematicians in Society
Thesis Statement
This report will focus on the professional field of mathematicians. It will highlight some of the history, responsibilities, opportunities, and requirements of this occupation.

I.     Introduction
A.     A condensed history of mathematics
B.     Famous mathematicians and their accomplishments
II.     Body
A.     Opportunities for mathematicians
B.     Education and training
C.     Requirements
D.     Earnings
III.     Conclusion
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– 1599A.D.) are John Napier, Ludolf van Ceulen, Robert Recorde, and Simon Stevin. Leon Alberti wrote a revolutionary book, it described a method of achieving a more logical perspective in a mathematical manner. His book was a forerunner of projective geometry. In the 1500s many great astronomers such as Galileo, Copernicus, and Kepler showed that mathematics could be used to analyze the movements of the heavens. This discovery helped to make several breakthroughs in the following period.
Within the time Shakespeare began writing his first play, and the pilgrims landed in the new Plymouth Colony, the Century of Enlightenment (1600A.D.-1699A.D.) was dawning. It is during this period that Rene Descartes and Pierre de Fermat discovered how to solve geometric problems with algebra. This discovery gave birth to analytic geometry. Fermats other accomplishments also include the development of a theory on prime numbers. This theory and other theories helped to generate the probability theory.
Late in the 17th century, Gottfried Leibnez was hard at work on the development of differential and integral calculus He published his work in 1684. Isaac Newton independently made the same discovery. However, he did not publish his findings until a later date. This is what started the biggest mathematical battle of this period. It was later proven
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