Essay about The Important Role of Transcendentalism in American History

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The Important Role of Transcendentalism in American History

In 1830, a movement known as Transcendentalism began to gain popularity in America. Representing an idealistic system of thought,
"strength, courage, self-confidence, and independence of mind"1 were some basic values admired by the followers of the Transcendental movement.
Transcendentalists opposed many aspects of their government, where they felt "many unjust laws existed."2 Therefore, they became the leaders of many modern reform movements. Transcendentalists also had a major affect on their society. Transcendentalism became a "powerful force for democracy."3 Originating in the area in and around Concord, Massachusettes,
Transcendentalism was
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The Transcendentalists became leaders or spokesmen of reform movements in church, state, and society.

Transcendentalists are also known for contributing to the rise of free religion, aiding the abolitionist movement, supporting feminism, and promoting communitarian experiments. In the abolitionist movement, many reformers felt that "when a sixth of the population of a nation which has undertaken to be the refuge of liberty are slaves, and a whole country is unjustly overrun and conquered by a foreign army
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