The Important Role of Water in Toni Morrison’s Beloved Essay

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Water has always been a source of life but many do not take into account it's strength and ability to kill. From its cleansing nature, it washes away dirt; from its’ powerful potency it holds total destruction. With its flowing characteristic, water is able to form to any shape and make its’ way around any object. The multiple possibilities water possesses, engages, while takes away the mystery. In Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved, water manipulates many factors causing destruction in the community. The direction it leads Beloved in, takes her from the past into the life of society while altering the notions of the future. The water creates a portal for Beloved taking her through death and life to a sense of belonging because it holds…show more content…
The home Beloved finds renews the past and brings back unwanted memories. The water reclaims the memories of the past. After choking Sethe in the clearing, Beloved looks at herself in the water. “[Beloved] turned finally and ran through the woods to the stream. Standing close to its edge she watched her reflection there (101).” , As Beloved gazes at herself through the stream she acknowledges how much Sethe means to her and the love she has for her. However, after the encounter with the famous clearing, Beloved recalls what Sethe did to her and her anger causes an inexplicable physical attack on Sethe. The love Sethe has for Beloved inevitably destroys her while causing her past to come back and haunt her. When Sethe sees Edward Bodwin walking down the street, her fear of her past repeating itself causes her to try to attack him. “He is coming into her yard and he is coming for her best thing… And if she thinks anything, it is no. No no. Nonono. She flies. The ice pick is not in her hand; it is her hand (262).” The frozen water encapsulates her past. Since the past remains frozen and forever permanent, Beloved’s death captures the essence of Sethe’s anger and desire to kill Bodwin. Although the past appears as horrific events, it nevertheless brings Beloved to life. Water is a necessity for life. Beloved’s rebirth holds the entire meaning of life within water. “A fully dressed woman walked out of the water (50)”. Although Beloved was murdered she continues to live
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