The Important Study of Organizational Behavior

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There is a reason that organizational behaviour is such an important field of study, as it helps us to make sense of the world around us, not just what goes on inside organizations. (McShane & Steen, p.3). Organizational behaviour theories help us to re-evaluate ourselves within our distinct roles, which in turn helps us better understand our self-concept and what values are most significant in our lives. After completing the “Winter Survival Exercise”, it is evident as to why organizations value groups for every individual adds their own creativity, rationality and intuition to a problem or opportunity that presents itself. The absolute differences between the individual and group results that were generated, 68 and 36 respectively, showed how significant group effort can be as the group results were much closer to the results of the survival experts. Communicating Results When we were making group decisions, I was somewhat assertive in getting my point of views across but generally more accepting in listening to others without interrupting. This is reflective in my self-awareness assessments as my personality and my active listening skills show that I tend to avoid interrupting people when they are expressing their ideas, but I also like to contribute my thoughts as well. The communication process within our group involved brainstorming. A group member would generate all the possible ideas that resulted in their ranking for a specific item, and then articulate those
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