The Important and Vital Functions of the Human Resources Department

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Introduction HR in a department has various functions which are vital and crucial for an organization. It is undeniable that individual development and working to maintain a productive working environment are vital but the functions of HR are not limited to this extent only. Apart from individual development and working to maintain a productive working environment HR plays multiple roles for the growth and functioning of the organization. Other crucial functions of HR in an organization may include recruitment and employee selection, fullest utilization of human capital resources for the growth of the organization, balancing the needs of the organization with those of the employees to assure the well being of both the parties, guiding the…show more content…
The recruitment and selection process of HR function may include four steps with involvement if various sub-steps viz. analysis of the job and roles, sourcing strategies, screening and selection and on-boarding the newly selected or recruited employees in the role they have been selected for (Nick, 2012). However in many cases an organization may have more than four steps mentioned above as per its own policy and mechanism. In other context process of recruitment is attracting the best talents available in the market with an excellent set of skills. This offers an organization to acquire the talent pool and use these resources for meeting the expectations and needs of its client and delivering the best and the most valued services to the customers. Hence this indirectly helps an organization to brand itself in the market for the best service provider. Second among the other important identified functions of HR is utilization of human capital resources to the fullest capacity of the organization. This function of HR is really vital in the current scenario of business environment across the globe. Especially the great recession of 2008 forced each and every organization to extract the maximum output from the available human capital resources with limited paying capacity of the organization. In such an
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