The Imported Bridegroom By Abraham Cahan

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Americanization is a process immigrants and first-generation American children encounter when shocked with the potent culture and mannerism of American society. In Abraham Cahan’s short story “The Imported Bridegroom,” Americanization and its various influences of different people are highlighted. Within the story, the audience is introduced to Flora, a first-generation Jewish American who is heavily influenced by the luxurious aspect of the American Dream and projects this romantic and unrealistic goal onto her future ideal husband, leading to her unhappiness. On the other hand, Shaya, an immigrant from Pravly, evolves from reading Jewish books and prayers to all sorts of higher Gentile books, including philosophy and mathematics.…show more content…
Flora hated the notion of marrying as the other Mott or Bayard Street girls did (Cahan 764).”
Not only does this passage declare Flora’s strong desire to marry wealthy, but it also declares her belief as men being seen as a commodity. She views them only as a means to get what she wants, a mere trade to make her dreams come true. Flora can also be seen trying to appeal to this unknown and unrealistic spouse she has fabricated, by practicing polite and formal grammar. “‘I won’t marry anybody except a doctor,’ she would declare, with conscious avoidance of bad grammar, as it behooved a doctor’s wife (Cahan 765).” The passage informs the reader that Flora is aware of the reputation that a doctor’s wife carries and because she is dedicated to meeting her end goal, she will try to redefine herself in a more elegant and formal manner.
Her desire for a better lifestyle come to a halt when she sits alongside Shaya in a stuffy apartment and observes Shaya participate in a discussion on philosophy. After introducing Shaya to Gentile books for knowledge and attempting to project her romanticized spouse onto her imported bridegroom, Flora realizes her plan for a Gentile educated spouse fails. As she is sitting in the apartment, Flora realizes that her bridegroom has excluded her from his life and her romanticized
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