Essay about The Impossible: Movie Analysis

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I’ve seen this movie and I would like to give my opinion about it. The impossible is a movie based on a true story. This story is about a family, Maria, Henry and their three sons Lucas, Thomas and Simon. They went on Christmas vacations to Thailand but after a few days the Indian Ocean earthquake created a tsunami that flooded the area with overwhelming destructive power.
As the tsunami hit the hotel where they were staying at, everything disappeared. Maria was underwater for about 3 minutes and after she surfaced and clung on a tree she noticed that Lucas was going away with the currency of the water. Maria reached her son and started walking to a safe place but she was seriously injured; it was hard for her to move and she barely had strength enough to get to the closest tree. Maria and Lucas found a little boy called Daniel and they took him with them. A few hours later they saw a man and who helped them taking Maria to a hospital. Meanwhile Henry was with the two little ones searching for Lucas and Maria, but he noticed that he had to leave the boys so he could move and search faster in all the hospitals of the region. Henry decided to leave the boys with a couple but they couldn’t keep them so they put the boys on a truck with the other kids that were found on the way. While Maria was waiting to have a surgery on her leg, Lucas started helping other adults finding their families. He saw David reunited with his dad, and he helped another boy finding his dad, he found it…

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