The Impressions Made by Unrealistic Images of Women

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Many adolescent girls today are faced with these images on a daily basis. At this age girls are very impressionable and already go through tons of peer pressure just to be faced with pressure from advertisements and shows to be unnaturally thin. All magazine and billboard owners should be required to publish unretouched and realistic images of women because super models negatively affect young women's mental and physical health. Some may believe that models in the fashion industry are healthy and make good role models for young girls. Some may also argue that it is not the medias responsibility to ensure that young girls don't gain unrealistic views about their body image. Also others might believe that blame shouldn't be cast on the people in charge of the media but instead maybe the models themselves. Being constantly bombarded with these images of false perfection causes girls to have low self esteem. A persons body image is closely related to their self-esteem (Huebscher, 2014). During adolescence is when girls bodies go through puberty and they gain more body fat (Rierdan, Koff, 1997). During this time the rates of depression in adolescence increase (Rierdan, Koff, 1997). According to Huebscher paper,"concerns about the body have been documented as widespread among female populations, with adolescence considered an especially vulnerable period…

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