The Improvement Of The Nhs

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This simple image depicts the direction not only the NHS is heading, but the entire world. This direction is toward a more technologically advanced future, with increased efficiency and reliability throughout. The NHS is one of the largest organisations in the UK and boasts the highest employment rate of people within the IT sector. This leads to the question of what these IT personnel are doing and what technology they are bringing to the NHS to improve productivity. It is evident through campaigns such as the one in the previous image that the NHS is attempting to modernise alongside technology but what technology is truly used isn’t largely public knowledge, this is where this report attempts to bridge the gap, allowing the public greater knowledge to the inner workings of the NHS. This report also allows for the NHS to understand what technologies are working well within the organisation alongside those which aren’t working so well, so they are able to work with this for future improvements. Research Question The research questions that I have chosen to look at are: What major technological advancements have increased medical staffs efficiency to see/tend to patients the most in the past ten years with regards to the NHS? How have these different technologies been accepted by medical staff? If I was to use a positivist approach for these questions I would obtain quantitative data that can be analysed before forming a hypothesis. If I was to use a view of social
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