The Improvement and Delivery of Healthcare Services: Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions in Healthcare: Question 1: Modern hospitals have adopted two different approaches in developing mission statements i.e. "excellence in patient care" and "healthiest possible community." As the Chief Executive Officer of a brand new 250-bed community hospital in the Midwest, there is a great need to develop the hospital's mission statement through either of the approaches. Currently, the most appropriate direction for the hospital in excellence in patient care. This approach will enable the hospital to become a significant contributor to the improvement and delivery of healthcare services. The advantage of this approach over the other is that the healthiest possible community cannot be achieved without excellence in patient care. Therefore, mission statements that are based on excellent patient care focuses on making a difference in people's and community's lives. Question 2: Service line is a concept that has emerged in healthcare administration because of the current changes that have necessitated the need for a management model that enable health care organizations to focus on their strengths, manage the delivery of care and patient outcomes, and lessen costs. While this model in increasingly being adopted by hospitals, there are several concerns that have emerged regarding its effectiveness, particularly for smaller hospitals that are unable to provide a complete set of services to specific disease entities (Miller, 2002). As the Chief
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