The Inanga Project

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It is an instrument used by the Tutsi ethnic group. The film centers on the inanga and a few musicians who are prominent inanga players. This representation differs from how the course is typically presented as the class is given equal representation when there are multiple parties in play. The main ethnic groups in Rwanda, Tutsi and Hutu, have an extremely unpleasant past. The Hutus killed many hundreds of thousands of Tutsi and moderate Hutus. The film is a documentary focusing specifically on the Tutsi way of life, and Tutsi heritage. Although the film centers on, the Inanga it differs from the way information is presented during class; while in the film it only represents one ethnic group in class, multiple viewpoints presented. The film very clearly portrays the traditional Tutsi way of life. The issue with only giving the Tutsis representation is that the Hutus are not well represented, not at all, in the film. The film discusses some of the atrocities that happened during the genocide. During the interviews in the film, many of the musicians want to move past the genocide and live together as if nothing happened. The Hutus are, unintentionally, presented as an evil ethnic group, even though the overall theme is to move past the genocide and…

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