The Inaugural Address Of John F. Kennedy

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The Pathway to Success “The Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy is considered one of the greatest speeches in twentieth-century American public address,” says Sara Ann Mehltretter from Penn State University. The 1960s was an important time period during American history. The speech was said to motivate Americans and unite them to successfully create a powerful government. In a time of desperation, the actions that the United States government would take to help come out successful was very important for the countries future. In John F. Kennedy’s Inauguration Address, he used ethos, pathos and logos, to grab the audience’s full attention about the worries of communism and nuclear warfare. Historical Background During the early 1950s,…show more content…
He stduied at Harvard University and graduated in 1940. Following he entered the naval service during World War Two. Growing up in a family of politics, he entered in 1946 and won as a Democrat to the US House of Representatives. Later in the 1952, he was elected to the Senate. In 1960, Kennedy successful won the presidential election and defeated Richard Nixon. At such a young age, 43, Kennedy was the first Catholic head of the state. Kennedy’s years in office were flagged as the foreign tensions between the Soviet Union. In November of 1963, John F. Kennedy is in Dallas to give a speech. As the Kennedy’s are in a convertible with his vice president, waving to the large loud crowd, while Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired three shots from a sixth-floor building. One of the shots fatally injuring president John F. Kennedy and the same bullet seriously injuring Governor Connally. The world stood in shock, as he was rushed to the hospital and 30 minutes later he was pronounced dead at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital. Even though the motive of the death led to a dead end. Although many people did support John F. Kennedy many anti-government and pro-slavery people didn’t like the changes that Kennedy did to help support the slaves and improve societies viewpoint on slavery, but John F. Kennedy will always be known as a very important man for the future of colored people and the United States as a whole. Rhetorical Analysis In 1961, John F.
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