The Inauguration of the New Acropolis Museum

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The New Acropolis Museum was inaugurated in the year 2009, near the base of the Acropolis with a view of the Parthenon. The museum was a facility of around 226,000 square feet of glass and concrete, which cost $200 million dollars. The design was introduced in 2001, so it could be completed in time for the Olympics in 2004. This goal was unsuccessful due to legal battles that delayed the construction process for years said The New York Times. Since the museum opened it is running strong with an average of 5 million visitors per year, coming to see all the different collections. The museum is broken into three floors, offering different historical artwork. The first floor is divided into two sections, one from the archaic period and the other from Propylaia with objects that date around the classical time period to antiquity. On the first floor the visitors are greeted by magnificent sculptures of the first temples on the Acropolis. Displayed here also are votive offerings from worshippers. Some of these offerings include the archaic Korai, the Hippeis, statues of Athena the goddess, Sculptures of male figures, marble reliefs, and smaller bronze and clay offerings. The Acropolis Museum wants to conduct research on this small collection of archaic statues, which keep their color. In figure #1 I present the archaic Korai, which is white skinned and expresses grace- radiance youth. As opposed to the brown skinned warriors and athletes who are a sign of virtue. Then as we
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