The Inca And Inca Culture

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Have you ever heard of the Inca civilization? Well, the Inca community was a very accomplished empire ; everyone in the empire was unbelievable. The Inca people knew skills many others didn 't know about ; like the Aztecs fought more than they focused on the arts and the Mayan people mainly focused on the arts. Some of their skills were building, art, and farming. Incas built many buildings, like Machu Picchu. The Inca people survived many decades because of their advanced knowledge in farming ; they had many food resources for years ' worth. The Inca civilization worked hard every single day to increase their civilization, from farming to building and dancing to singing. The Inca government is called Tawantinsuyu, and it 's a monarchy ran by Sapa Inca. There were many officers who helped around community wise and just naturally. A Viceroy was a close family member to Sapa Inca that was next in line to rule. A High Priest is who takes care of the religious parts of the empire, he keeps churches running and makes sure the gods are satisfied. Governors of a Quarter are governors that ruled one of the four quarters.(The empire is divided in quarters, called suyu ; the four quarters were Chinchay, Anti, Qulla, and Kunti Suyu). Council of the Realm were powerful nobles. Inspectors are people who make sure you pay taxes, follow the rules, and obey religion. Military generals are family members of Sapa Inca, that he feels are responsible. There are many more, but those…
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