The Incarceration Of A Prisoner

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When a prisoner is released, he or she must establish a new life. Whether the prisoner’s new life is good or bad, it is up to him/her to end up where he/she wants to be. As prisoners are released to society, they begin their lives by finding a job. However, they might not be possible due to their criminal record. They might appear dangerous or a threat, because of their criminal record, when in reality they just made a few mistakes. According to Tyjen Tsai and Paola Scommegna, writers for the Population Reference Bureau, the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the entire world! This is caused by severe sentences for petty crimes such as shoplifting and loitering. The purpose of prisons is to rehabilitate and educate the public about braking the law, yet many prisoners’ crimes are not met with equal sentences but too severe. America has high incarceration rates because of laws making it easy to get into prison, poor rehabilitation programs, and for the incarceration of people whom should not be. The purpose of laws in society is to provide guidelines by which citizens must live by. These guidelines are meant to protect everyone, yet sometimes these laws not only protect but over protect. For instance, Robert Fassbender was almost sentenced to 25 years in prison for two conviction strikes of robbery and another for stealing doughnuts. (“Crime Locale”). Before the Three strikes law was changed in 2012 these petty crimes would have earned Robert a minimum
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