The Incarnation Of Christ : God The Father, Christ The Son, And The Holy Spirt

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There are three parts to the Holy Trinity; God the Father, Christ the son, and the Holy Spirt. The definition of Trinity is God as three parts. All parts are equal and all parts are God. Christocentric is defined as the central theme of Christ in theology and teaching. While trinity is all one God, each part of the Trinity is important and central to theology in some way. In the incarnation and passion, Christ is the part of the Trinity that is most central to the teaching. The incarnation is the beginning of Christ with the conception and birth. The Passion is the arrest and the crucifixion of Christ on the Cross. These two teaching show the importance and the centrality of Christ not only to the teaching of the Church but also to the…show more content…
The conception was the beginning of a universal change in the way people act, live, and die. That was hard for my young mind to understand but what was even harder was the Passion. The Passion is the arrest and the crucifixion of Christ and when you are young they are always very careful to make it seem as nice as possible. I never really thought much on it because it’s what happened, it was the facts, and nothing more. When I was in high school I joined a youth Group at my church. I loved it. We would play some games and have a short teaching every week. One week near Easter we had a talk on the Passion. That talk changed my life. They played a video or recording that described the pain that Christ would have felt. It was very descriptive and had chilling screams of agony. That was when it really clicked with me that the passion was real. It wasn’t just some story. Christ had nails hammered through his hands and hung on a cross for days before he finally died and he did it because he loved everyone on this planet. He went through the ultimate torcher to save us from the original sin of man. That is not something you can just forget about. Our God loves us so much that he sent his Son to die for us. What do we do after that? We do our best to live in the image of Christ. The incarnation and the passion changed my life. Learning about the life of Christ inspires one to live as much like Christ as
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