The Inception of Communism in Japan

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The turn of the century for Japan came as a smooth transition from the enclosed cultural setup to the widespread adoption of the external influence of the other world. Up to the time of century turn, Japan had concentrated on having a clear control on the infiltration of the masses by new ideas and acts of handing over revenue and wealth creation to the control and eyes of the government. Sanshiro is the literature that points us to the exact scenario that existed in Japan at that time. The author introduces us to the prevalent conditions that incubated the gradual alteration of the traditional setup upheld for long by the Japanese. It is therefore to note that the existence of a varied strata of the population led to the initial …show more content…
For instance, Sanshiro comes from a very well maintained traditional village. This phenomenon poses a challenge a great challenge to the process of adopting key societal milestone. A Proletarian’s standpoint includes the view of societal progress from under the guidance of the war to overthrow the bourgeois class of people.
Natsume indicates that the 23 years old Sanshiro, finds himself struggling to communicate with his peers and colleagues. This arises because of the limited exposure that Sanshiro has. Consider the case of his friends and fellow students who the author identifies as a mindset that is opportunity and urban site. Sanshiro finds it so weird to share a single room with an individual of the opposite gender. This happens on their way to Tokyo.
As seen in the year 1895, Tokyo grows into a big centre with a metropolitan texture of contributory tribes and classes. Tokyo is described as a city that is passive because of its metamorphosis from a city that takes care of the national interest to a city where all members are part of either employers or the servants. this transformation is a clear indication of the adoption of the characteristics of communism as given by Marx. There is a great transformation towards an increased population of low income earners referred to as Proletarians while the number of the bourgeoisie sharply reduces because of the increase in the bottlenecks for setting up competitive and thriving businesses. The nucleus of the

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