The Inception of the Lone Wolf Terrorist: The New Face of Terrorism

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The New Face of Terrorism (Order #A2102656) When the September 11, 2001 attacks occurred the United States responded in a manner which was seen as a traditional reaction to such an attack; it used its overwhelming superior military to invade the nation of Afghanistan. As Afghanistan was the operating base of the terrorist group responsible for the attacks, Al Qaeda, the invasion all but destroyed the group's operating capacity. But in response to the United States' apparent victory the terrorists have re-organized themselves into a looser confederation and turned to alternative methods of finance and operation. One could say that the success of the American military's answer to the September 11th attacks have created a new environment in which terrorists currently operate. This includes the use of the internet, unconventional alliances with international criminal organizations, as well the inception of the "lone wolf" terrorist. Faced with these new type of threats, the United States and its allies must find a way to identify and deal with them. In a hearing before the United States Senate Armed Services Committee discussing emerging threats and capabilities of potential terrorist organizations, University of Michigan Professor Scott Atran testified that "The boundaries of the newer terrorist networks are very loose and fluid, and the internet now allows anyone who wished to become one, anywhere, anytime." ("U.S. Efforts to Counter Violent Extremism," 2010, p.36) As a

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