The Incidence Of Over Education

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Over-education in the graduate labour market

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Executive Summary This report aims to examine the incidence of over-education in the graduate labour market. ‘Over-education’ can be defined as the phenomenon where graduates are required a lower level of qualification for their jobs. The incidence of over-education has risen due to the increase in the supply of graduates in the labour market and the expansion of higher education. It all comes down to how graduates impress employers on their experience and skills they possess than just their qualifications. As recent UK graduates failed in this, they are now stuck in non-graduate jobs.

Over-education has impacted recent UK graduate in a number of ways. This report explores how over-education has resulted to graduates loss of earnings and whether they are satisfied in the position that they are in. Over-education has also impacted Universities and Government policymakers as they are now pressured of graduate employability. It is argued that Universities and Government policymakers are responsible for the labour market outcomes. This is because there is mismatch in skills between education system and employability, limiting graduates from the opportunities of the labour market. Hence, whilst some graduates are aware of the future labour market outcomes, others are stuck on the concept of human capital.

This report ends with a few recommendations which highlight what…
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