The Incident Of The Air Ticket Counter From Delta Airlines

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It was a cold December night, the trees were rustling and the snow was falling. The Salekins were ready to leave to the airport.The older siblings were arguing the young kids couldn’t find their stuff. Then all of a sudden the hour hand struck eight and everybody rushed to the car like the scene from Home Alone. We were suppose to leave at 7:30p.m because the airport was one hour away and our flight was at 9:00p.m. While we were driving we almost crashed with a old blue truck that seemed like it had been through a lot.What happened was we were driving and as my dad was accelerating, the truck just came out of no where and cut us off.What the heck! So we arrived at the airport and when went to get our tickets the employee at the ticket…show more content…
Most people want the window seat, but once you get there you realize how hard it is to get to the bathroom.I got to sit in the middle, its not to close to the end but also not to close to the walkway.Once everyone was settled I remembered I forgot my money at home. I remembered I had not brought any of my money I was going to use in New York. I thought I would not be able to buy any chocolate or snow globes to add to my collection. Luckily this wasn’t a problem, because I remembered my dad owned me twenty bucks. He owed me twenty bucks because he borrowed it from me once to pay the grass cutter, because he had forgotten to get money from the bank. I know it wasn’t a lot, but I could still by a cheap ten dollar snow globe form a kiosk at the mall. As I was watching a movie, it paused for an announcement. The pilot was telling us that our departure would be delayed. When I heard this I started to cry. My brother beat me up as he always does when he sees me cry, so I stopped. Finally after three hours we arrived to the JFK International Airport. When we arrived to the airport we had a hard time finding our aunts and cousins that were suppose to be there to pick us up. We were expecting to see two tall men and a short lady. So we spent two hours searching for them around the airport. I did not mind this because this gave me a opportunity to see all the cool stores and statues in the airport. Eventually we found them in a Starbucks
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