The Incident Of The Guards

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It was late afternoon. A typical, beautiful day in Xeno. Until all these men dressed in uniforms came. Usually when guards come to switch duty there 's only a couple hundred. The guards are there to protect us from attacks. Other countries always attack because we are so advanced in technology and everything.They want to try and steal what we have, but this was nothing usual. There were thousands of guards flooding in from left and right. Everybody immediately thought we were under attack, but the weird thing was there were no alarms or the voice of our President telling us what was happening. As quick as we were alarmed we all of a sudden felt at ease. Just like everyone else I brushed it off as nothing. That’s when it all began. I’ve…show more content…
“Destiny, I know right now you want to stay and see what is going to happen. But we can’t. We have to get to our families, to get extra supplies and the things we need, and hide in our escape houses before the war finally happens.” Destiny trusted me and knew that I would never joke around about matters like this. After just hearing that I knew she was on board. I only saw her shake her head before i got shoved to the ground. Everybody was running because the rebels had just sliced in half a teenage boys body. All i could see was the boy 's feet lying directly upwards. In one strict movement I got up, grabbed Destiny’s arm, and started running as fast as I could toward our houses. Our houses were next door to each other and were giant. I knew it would just be easier if we split up and went to our separate houses. I slammed into the door bursting it open. But by my surprise nobody was in the living room, or the kitchen, or the multi purpose room. I automatically just assumed that everybody was in their separate rooms. They were all on the second floor so I knew it would just be easier if I yelled as loud as I could for everybody to get ready, while I started packing. I didn’t ever stop yelling to hear if anybody answered, I just kept yelling till I finished. “Mom, Dad, Romeo, Maxon, and Aspen we have to go the Rebel’s have started an all out massacre. They are destroying everything that comes into their path and won’t stop until they have
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