The Incident Of The Japanese War

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It was June 12th, 1941, and William and I were eating dinner in the mess tent when suddenly we heard gunfire and then the camp sirens. The Japanese were attacking! It was 5:30 pm in Baton in the South Pacific. It had been just another hot and so far, uneventful day in the US Army. William had just been assigned to my unit and arrived at our camp from the Philippines earlier that day. And now, without warning or time to catch up, we were under attack.

Everyone got up and ran to get their gear. I yelled to William, over the siren, “You ready for some action.” He replied “Heck, yeah!” We got our gear and ran to the command tent to get our orders. Along the way we heard shots being fired from all directions. When we got there the officer said “Go to the north side and dig in. We must hold! Good luck!” I replied “Consider it done.” We grabbed some shovels and ran toward the north side of the camp. On the way we saw tents utterly destroyed by gunfire and men that were badly injured. When we finally got to the north side we joined the others who were digging. We took turns alternating between returning fire and digging. In what felt like forever, but was probably only ten minutes, we were done.

We jumped into the trench. It was hard to believe a year ago we were just a couple of boys walking down the street in our hometown in rural Illinois. We were still tall, slim, and athletic looking although we both had lost weight in the last year and looked like we needed more…
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