The Incident Of The Japanese War

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It was June 12th, 1941, and William and I were eating dinner in the mess tent when suddenly we heard gunfire and then the camp sirens. The Japanese were attacking! It was 5:30 pm in Baton in the South Pacific. It had been just another hot and so far, uneventful day in the US Army. William had just been assigned to my unit and arrived at our camp from the Philippines earlier that day. And now, without warning or time to catch up, we were under attack. Everyone got up and ran to get their gear. I yelled to William, over the siren, “You ready for some action.” He replied “Heck, yeah!” We got our gear and ran to the command tent to get our orders. Along the way we heard shots being fired from all directions. When we got there the…show more content…
William had been my best friend since 1st grade and the summer after high school we were drafted and became soldiers in the U.S. Army. It seemed so unreal that we were here together. By now, it was 6:00 pm and it was going poorly. Every time we shot one that was firing at us, it seemed like five more came and took their place. Around 6:05 pm they started shelling us with heavy artillery. The shells were going on all around us and they just kept coming and coming and getting louder and faster. One shell seemed as big as a watermelon and could take out a building with a single hit. Then suddenly, it stopped but we knew they were still there and watching us. I yelled to William, “Remember when we were boys and we were talking about how great the army would be. Well, now I think my opinion has changed.” He replied, “Look at all we have made it through to get to this point.” I said, “Let’s get through this too.” We were all tired and almost out of ammo. Something needed to be done and so a task force was formed to go find and destroy the artillery. I volunteered along with four others. We set out during a lull in the battle with grim faces, grenades, and our rifles. We heard the shelling start again and were glad we weren’t back at camp or back in the trench. When suddenly, all heck broke loose and two of our guys went down immediately. I shouted, “Take cover!” There were six of them. I shot my rifle then dropped to the ground as bullets raced by my head. I
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