The Incident Of The Police Officer

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Brown was fatally shot by police officer Darren Wilson at 12:03pm, Brown reportedly held his hands up in surrender, yet the unarmed teenager was still shot dead in the streets in an unlawful killing by a criminal justice representative. Within moments of the incident social media was updated and the world had been alerted. “I just saw someone die,” was posted on Twitter followed by the photo of lifeless Brown creating local concern and hunger for information as to why the young man was gunned down unlawfully when his body was still and remained in a position that told the officer that he was unarmed and in a plead for him not to shoot. Michael Brown was murdered in August of 2014 and sadly he was one of many unarmed black men that were…show more content…
Rakine’s work defies a number of aspects that poetry can usually be defined against, here “[she] is challenging the notion of what poetry should look like” specifically in my primary text Citizen: An American Lyric. Each page in the collection is arguable a part of a “book length poem” whereby she addresses the issues of ethnicity in America in a raw sense that lacks the conventional styles of poetry that one would expect; the tale like poetry and lack of rhyming schemes creates a style to her text that mirrors the emotions of the African American citizen. For the article “Black Bodies in America”, Anna Leszkiewicz writes that ‘Citizen questions the idea that a person can live as a full American while having dark skin’(19) depicting the uncertainty in emotions and the work. The style does not place it in a specific field; the text is presented as prose, lyric-essay, poetry and yet is still converted to visual and spoken word by Rankine and John Lucas. The piece “Stop-and-Frisk” featured in Citizen and was converted to a situational video illustrates the criminalisation of black men in America. The criminalisation experienced by the men that are murdered by repressive apparatus, have their memory tarnished by the false profiling, then they are feared do to the profiling elements that places ones memory in the dirt. In an interview for the Guardian Newspaper, Rankine stated that: When white men are shooting black people, some of it is malice
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