The Incorporation of Technology in the Process of Political Communications

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The incorporation of technology in the process of political communications is the dominant ways young San Francisco citizens are informed about local politics. San Francisco has the three reputable newspapers, all of which have an online platform, that produce quality political news and dissemination of information. Accompanying San Francisco’s local newspapers are popular blogs that keep an updated source of local political news. The city government of San Francisco also has an incredibly well put together website for their Department of Elections that offers a wide variety of resources that contain useful information about the city’s electoral process. The online methods of obtaining news such as online platforms for newspapers and blogs by local political junkies are very effective ways young citizens can educate themselves about the political process. With Silicon Valley being such a large influence in the Bay Area it is also interesting to note some of the entrepreneurial start-ups being developed that incorporate politics into their products. Innovative and entrepreneurial ideas are continuously produced from the Bay Area and people anticipate technological advances. Young citizens in San Francisco like to be up to date with the latest technologies and to utilize them through social discourse. San Francisco offers a variety of daily and weekly newspapers, but the most popular news sources are The San Francisco Examiner, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The San
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