The Increase College Tuition Rates

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College is an institution or establishment that provides higher education or specialized professional and vocational training. College students in the United States are blest with several opportunities to help further their college carrier at least beyond as associate degree, alas children in developing countries such as Cameroon faces an uphill battle to earn a college degree due to high tuition, poor transportation low technology and inflexible college schedules. The increase college tuition rates in Cameroon, have caused many parents to consider sending their children especially the male child to technical schools, rather than a four year college. Due to the unsupportive nature of the government towards college education, the tuition cost rest entirely on the family’s income. This has made earning a college degree a priority for the wealthy. According to Cameroon tribune, “Cameroon college tuition rates have increased over 75% over the past two decades thereby increasing the illiteracy in low income families” (Fred Thompson) meanwhile in the United States, the government encourages her students to pursue a college degree by providing scholarships, financial aid and loans to her students of merit. This has helped reduced the burden of college tuition and embolden college students to pursue their degrees. The quality of technology in the western world especially in the United States acts as a major motivational factor for students vying for careers in the field of science.
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