The Increase Incidence Of Poverty And The Interaction It Plays On Health

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Introduction A great challenge confronting Canadian policy makers is the increase incidence of poverty and the interaction it plays on health. Research has concluded that poverty affects both physical and mental health (Ivanova, 2011). Policy makers are starting to realize that they need to start putting more effort to improve the health of Canadians. In order to improve health there has to be policies and programs to reduce the number of people living in poverty (Williamson &Reutter 1999). Poverty can be the a result of any slight change in people lives, such as divorce, addition to the family, death of a family and economic hardship (Ivanova, 2011).. The effect of poverty and health has been known since the 19th century; however, this issue has been heighted due to the publication of a report in the United Kingdom that illustrated that people who are receiving very little income suffered a wide range of diseases (Raphael, 2011). There have been various studies that link poverty and various health related issues. Obesity, asthma, low birth weight and various psychological problems in children can be attributed to poverty (Raphael, 2011). This paper will look at the interaction between poverty and health, and it will analyse Canada poverty strategies and looks at recommendation to help eradicate poverty Defining and measuring Poverty Poverty can be measure using three different cut off. The first is Low Income Cut Off method (LICO), Low Income Measure (LIM) and lastly,

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