The Increase Of Minimum Wage

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The Increase of Minimum Wage Increasing minimum wage in America would give most people a chance of having a better standard of living. Many people have become casualties of minimum wage because it is so low that people can barely live off of this low pay. This has happened because smaller businesses do not have the money to increase their employee 's’ monthly pay, thus eating away at company profits. Therefore, people should take into consideration of those making minimum wage, and having to support a family. The topic on minimum wage is great to talk about because of all the people in America wanting to make more money within their job. People believe that they should be paid a significant amount of money more just because their…show more content…
Small businesses are just trying to hang on"(Cayson). Cayson, Leah represents this fact because it shows the difficulty that comes along with the minimum wage increase coming from smaller businesses. Another major problem would come from cutting hours with raises go from 9 to 10 dollars an hour. Usually resulting in laying a worker off and rethinking the amount of hours they use someone for a week. Within the discussion of minimum wage, it results in not needing a special type of degree, because the person is doing very little work. Stocking shelves is very different then doing work that would require a special skill set. That being because any person with common knowledge could stock shelves and know how to clean up. The person who has the skill had to go to college, or a type of school to receive the training needed. When going to school to learn a particular thing, the student is putting all their time and energy into learning about it because that is the occupation they plan to achieve after their graduation. Therefore, why should the person who didn’t put time into the particular job they desire make the same exact amount as the student who did their four years of college and got the degree they needed. In this article, the author says, "In a retail environment, the skill level for an employee is different than people doing something like
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