The Increase Of Tuition Per Year Has Decreased The Quality Of Higher Education

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The raising of tuition per year has decreased the quality of higher education but what’s gained in college is more valuable than a few student loans. Even though, the cost of higher education has increased it also diminish public support. Incoming college students typical base their college choice off its tuition rather than choosing a college more suitable for their career. Today, most jobs only hire people with higher educational background. Many people can agree that having a college educational background is beneficial in the long run but the yearly increasing tuition takes away its quality. In “The Rising Cost of Higher Education” Brinkman says, “Many elite private institutions...could certainly charge higher tuitions than they do and…show more content…
So, what I 'm saying is that attending college instead of going straight into the workforce in the short-run is terrible but the importance is in life you should want to make decisions that will benefit you in the long-run because that’s all that will matter. I’m sure, you do not see yourself working at the age of ninety at a minimum wage job, I think you would want to be retired, stress-free and able to go on vacations with your family. In the long-run having a college educational background is worth it. The money received by those going straight into the workforce is temporary. There will be a time where the job they originally have would not be enough money for them anymore because of increasing bills, mortgage, etc. Unfortunately, they will have many complications finding a new higher wage job because their educational background lacks. When trying to find a job, you must realize that there’s many other candidates being interviewed for same position you are so, what separates you from them? A company will hire someone with degree(s) over someone that only received their high school diploma. You might ask, what about experience? Well, unfortunately having experience will get you in the door but having a degree(s) and having experience will get you the job and a wage bonus. Having a higher educational background is beneficial especially how this economy is constantly changing. Even though, the cost of tuition has
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