The Increase in Drug Use in the United States Essay

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The Increase in Drug Use in the United States Since the early 1960’s there have been an alarming increase in drug use in the United States in 1962, four million Americans had tried an illegal drug. By 1999, that number had risen to a staggering 88.7 million, according to the 1999 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse. The late 20th century has been a chaotic time in the field of drugs and alcohol. In addition to the persistence of some drugs such as alcohol and tobacco it has seen the resurgence of specific drugs such as heroin and the emergence of new drugs like Special K and Ecstasy. There has been a decline of the drug crack and the reassessment, especially for medical reasons of the drug Marijuana. With all of these changes of…show more content…
However even though there is no instant addiction with the first try, teens usually try more dangerous drugs in time. Illegal drugs, for example, weed, speed, acid, or ecstasy has always been a problem among the teen age group, but most of the time the problems gets even more serious if it involves additive substances such as cocaine. The most common seen illegal drug around teens in the North New Jersey suburbs is Ecstasy, or generally called “E”. Ecstasy is usually taken by teens in the past for going to clubs in New York City. But today’s teens are using this drug far more than past teens have. Teens today are not only using this drug to go out clubbing, but also at house parties in the suburbs. A Federal Survey found that the use of MDMA, which is the abbreviated chemical name for Ecstasy, was up almost 50 percent among high school seniors last year from 1999 in the suburbs of New York City. The reason why these figures are up so much in a years time is the availability and the money that today’s teens in the suburbs have. In the North Jersey suburbs Narcotic Task Force made it’s first Ecstasy arrest 1997. The first significant seizure came a year later; when investigators seized 3,200 pills in hand ream containers sent from Belgium to a Manhattan bar bouncer who lived in New York City suburbs. This arrest was the beginning of the end for Ecstasy use that came into the mainstream of the North New Jersey
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