The Increase in Illegal Downloading

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Recently, Downloading films illegally has increased significantly . Nowadays, the number of people who download films is increasing for many reasons. One of the issues that should be considered and deterred in our societies is illegal downloading because it affects many aspects in this trend. This essay will focus on the reasons and it will contain a discussion about the effects of the increase in illegal downloading. Moreover, this essay is divided into three sections. The first section presents the reasons that have caused the increase in illegal downloading. The second one discusses the effects that have resulted from the trend of illegal downloading. The last paragraph concludes the main idea about illegal downloading and provides some opinions. Twenty years ago, the accessibility to the internet was limited and people were accessing the internet almost in homes or in work whereas today's availability of technology provides the internet consumers a wide range of services that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. A study conducted three years ago shows that only 16 out of 1000 people in Netherlands have used the internet in 2000. However, in 2010 this number had increased significantly to be 378 out of 1000 (Jacobs; 2012). Moreover, the previous point can be one of the reasons that caused the increase in illegal downloading because as the number of consumers is rising, with no doubt, the average of the films that have been downloaded will increase. Because all

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