The Increased Presence Of Public Surveillance Technology Justified

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The Increased Presence of Public Surveillance Technology Justified With the number of burglaries and thefts ever increasing, it is essential for the government and business owners to keep a watchful eye on the public. Contenders of Cobens essay would agree that watching over someone’s whereabouts makes the observed grow uneasy. This also brings up the question of whether keeping a watchful eye is actually effective at deterring wrongful behavior? Watching over someone with or without them knowing can be controversial. In many arguments it is brought up that security cameras pose a threat to civil liberties. Civil liberties are essentially laws that are put in place for the wellbeing of the community. The Fourth Amendment of the…show more content…
Although a specific number cant be placed, the NSA is able to access any cellular device that they wish to. (><><). It is almost impossible to go about our daily lives without being seen by a surveillance camera or to have your computer activity monitored. Coben would most likely agree that the Government it too nosy. However when having the ability to see everything is in your hands it’s hard to filter how much you actually see. This is a conundrum because you cant monitor a child’s computer and not observe everything that has been seen. However spying on computer activity is not something that only parents and the Government does, it is also something businesses are doing. Businesses putting in cameras and monitoring computers are not uncommon now a days. Observing the work area and its employees allows employers to find out who works and who doesn 't. Well-placed cameras and software helps companies detect and identify any employees who may be stealing company property or slacking off on work computers. A 2005 survey by the American Management Association showed that more than half of the employers use video surveillance at work to counter theft, violence, or sabotage (AMA 2010). And 16% of the employers surveyed used video surveillance to monitor employee performance (AMA 2010). When talking about property damage, having the surveillance cameras monitored by security personnel greatly increases the chance of catching anyone misusing or stealing company
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