The Increasing Cost of University Education in the UK

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Introduction In the recent past, university tuition fees in the UK have been on an upward trend. For this reason, students are being forced to obtain student loans which are ideally supposed to be paid back once a graduate secures a job. In addition to being unfair to poorer students, the high cost of university education could in my opinion negatively affect the country over the coming years. The Increasing Cost of University Education in the UK: Impact and Assessment The high cost of university education in the UK continues to make higher education unaffordable for most of the country's poor students. This is largely unfair to the said students as most of them are as talented and intelligent as their counterparts from wealthier families. The available grants, bursaries as well as loans have not done much to salvage the situation. Indeed, according to Benton (2012), studies have indicated that the increase in tuition fees will effectively lock out approximately 15% of those who were planning to join university. The vast majority of those locked out in this case come from poor backgrounds. Benton (2012) further explains that most young people are still debt averse. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the affected group will consider taking loans to fund their university education. The current situation will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the UK. Students who find it hard to finance their education in the country could be forced to take into consideration
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