The Increasing Number Of English Language Learners

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The increasing number of English language learners has triggered great attention on how to teach academic content and literacy to English language learners in elementary and middle school classrooms. This article takes four instructions into account aiming at school practitioners involving vocabulary, writing, reading and collaborative conversation. Also, the paper addresses the importance of using responsive literacy instructions for English language learners with learning disabilities. Additionally, three key principles of learning are integrated into those instructions in order to help English language learners not only accomplish academic literacy and language proficiency but also become life-long learners.
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Evidence from the research from Anthony’s research (2008) manifests that there is a strong evidence both the quality and the amount of language input children experience influences native language acquisition as well as second-language acquisition. At the same time, Anthony also indicates that children who received less input had lower language skills than children who received more input. Accordingly, input has been regarded as a crucial and direct factor in learning, especially for English language learners. The meaning of input in second language acquisition implies what students receive from teachers and parents and how teachers and parents help English language learners. Nonetheless, continuously taking over input from outside doesn’t mean the transition into own knowledge. Learning English as a second language entails the
Jiawen 3 practice and the demonstration of the outcomes of learning, which is an indispensable way for teachers to examine and assess students’ learning process. Moreover, Anthony’s study of output as product and process points that in spite of a great amount of input from outside, the gap of language proficiency between native speakers and second language learners still exists. In other words, there is no way to completely master a second language only by means of input, and at the same time, admittedly, output exerts an irreplaceable
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