The Increasing Rate Of Mobile Phones

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The increasing rate of mobile phone use can be detrimental and can cause many health related issues among adolescents. According to WebMD (2016), children and kids spend more than seven hours a day on their phones, which is nearly fifty hours per week. Nowadays, many children and kids are exposed to cell phones as being part of their daily lives: texting, calling, using them as alarm clocks, listening to music, watching videos, playing games etc. The radioactive waves exposed from cell phones poses many potential risks to children and kids which affects the psychological and neurological health. In Canada, youth in the age group from thirteen to twenty four is considered to be the largest group of mobile phone users (Be Web Aware,…show more content…
It might be a misconception that the radio waves would only be absorbed around the ear; however, the radiation from the mobile phone can easily penetrate deeply into the brain. Since the nervous system for youth is still in development, youth tends to have a higher risk of developing brain tumors which then leads to cancer compared to adults. The increasing dependence upon mobile phones as the primary source of communication can cause high level of anxiety and stress in children. The constant ringing sounds of notifications of messages during the night can cause poor sleeping quality and increases the sense of anxiety. Moreover, the instant reply can bring elation but in the case of delayed response, the elation feeling turns into disappointment. Also, it has been proven that car accidents are the leading causes of death of youth because of the distraction of cell phone use during driving. According to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (2008), children were fourty three percent more likely to be struck by an oncoming vehicle while crossing the road with their phones. The constant peer pressure and need to fit in can cause tremendous stress on children where they feel the need to have the newest Iphone as well when many of their classmates have it too. Mobile phone use can be seen as disturbances and distractions which impacts youth in a way where it creates higher stress levels for
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